Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bath Time

They had been discussing this possibility for weeks now, a phone call, their first. The tension was unbelievable and the logistics of being able to correspond times when both were alone was a major achievement. But difficulties were overcome.
He e mailed her specific instructions, she puzzled over them at first but after all this time accepted His requests. Apprehension and nervousness crowded her mind, her stomach contracted with tight knots. Every hour He sent her an email giving her a countdown. And it seemed with each passing email her fingers would tremble and stumble over the keys. She wondered if He to felt like this.
His last mail declared " times up ... ready??". She had moments before prepared the warm bubbly bath as His instructions stated. Laid out carefully the large soft sponge and the toy that He knew she owned. Wringing together her fingers she paced, like a caged tiger up and down her room, glancing constantly at the time. Fighting her urge to pick the phone up just to see if it was still working, god she was so nervous.
The soft insistent ring shattered the peaceful atmosphere of her home, standing riveted to the spot she looked at it as if it would burn her. "Can i do this?" she worried, reaching with shaking fingers to pick the receiver up. His voice came to her from across the sea "Little one?" her reply as raspy and tight throated "yes"
Instantly her knees went weak, this was real, His voice soothing asking her questions putting her at ease, when He heard her giggle He knew she had finally relaxed. "Bath ready baby?" oh god she had forgotten about that caught up in the wonder of actually
speaking to Him. "yes" her hesitant and softly whispered reply. "Good girl.. now face the mirror.. look at the woman there... see her... watch her eyes as I talk to you."
"cup your breast little one, feel how good it feels, how warm, how supple ..that is My hand that is brushing across your nipple. Run your fingers across your belly, feel the skin tingle as My hand moves down. Slowly baby, don't rush" His voice silky smooth,
as if He were behind her whispering in her ear. "Watch your eyes baby, always watch your eyes. See the woman that is being aroused.. she is Mine" Her skin had taken on a flushed tone, her eyes a shine of luminescence.
"Into the water now, step in and get yourself comfortable. I will wait" She could see her reflection in the large mirror across from the bath. Studying herself with a critical eye of a woman she sank into the warm comfort of the water. "Ready" His voice bringing her back from her reverie. "Yes Master" and the thrill it send through her body to call Him that, to tell Him that made her glad she was seated. "Take the sponge and slowly trickle water across your breast, feel it slide down your skin, watch the track it takes for My tongue will follow." He could hear the water splash as she obeyed Him. "Feel good baby?" not waiting for her reply He continued " Now let the water trickle down across your belly…then draw it back up across your breast.. slowly.. feel this little one. This is My hand" His soft voice taking her slowly over her body. Washing herself as if His hands caressed her damp skin.
"Lift your hips out of the water now baby, and let the sponge drip warm drops onto your clit" He could hear her slide around in the water as she moved. Her soft gasp as the droplets of water tapped a steady beat against her now aching clit, made His head spin. "You want to touch it don't you little wren?" " Oh god yes.. yes please" " Not yet" and she could hear the amusement in His tone. He also knew she would be silently cursing Him. "Part those swollen lips for Me baby, don't touch your clit now, and sink you body into the water. Feel it invade you." Her sudden gasp of air made Him aware that she had felt the water rushing into her body. "Now lift your hips out again. Keep those lips open now, feel good doesn't it?? hmm"
"Lower again" He ordered. Her groan louder this time as more water washed over her exposed clit, permeating her wet slick depths. " Now the toy little one" Her body shook with the intense sensations of the water and it took several seconds for her mind to register His command. "Now little one I said the toy" Stuttering her apologies " Oh god yes Master.. forgive me Master" Her eyes locked onto the eyes of the woman in the mirror, and the image stunned her. Flushed, wet and the eyes held passion and fire behind them. A quirky smile to her reflection as her fingers closed over the jelly filled toy.
"Ready" He purred. "Lift your hips, out of the water there's a good girl. Place it at the entrance little one, now when I say, push it in as you slide back into the water. Your open and ready aren't you baby?? Knowing the combined warm water over her erect clit, and the toy and water entering her body at the same time would push her over the edge. She didn't need much He could tell. Her soft whimpers and moans from moments before told Him she was close. "Tease it, don't enter yet" Her soft panting into the phone was the most erotic thing He had ever heard and despite Himself He wanted to keep her on the edge for as long as He could.
"NOW" He ordered, she plunged the toy deep within her splashing water over the bath edge as her hips dove back under the bubbly depths. Her cries of pleasure rang out through the empty house. She could hear Him telling her to "keep going, feel it wash over you little one" Her hand took on a life of its own, driving the toy deeper, the water entering and expelling from her body. She whimpered "Please" her teeth clenched as she struggled to hold back what she now so desperately needed. "Please Master"
"Now my little one, cum now" And from across the sea He heard her, in His mind He saw her, her doing His bidding, unselfishly giving. Her screams rang out across the telephone lines, her tender sighs of release cooed softly into His ear.
They both heard the click of the automated operator, reminding them both of the limited time they had left. Her voice quavered as they whispered their hurried goodbyes. He left her with a "I love you My little one" lingering in her ear as the phone was disconnected. The echoing 'beep beep' seemed to keep time to her steadying breathing. Stretching languidly into the rapidly cooling water, she blew a kiss to the woman in the mirror. A soft self satisfied look on her lips. Content in the knowledge that this wouldn't be the last time He called.